As all of you know, my third book is coming out soon. Those who are members of my newsletter know some stuff about the launch that I’m not putting out publicly.

Rest assured, however, that the book is coming, and it will happen this month. Then those of you who would like to finish Paul Thompson’s tale will get your opportunity to do so.

I have an idea, however, to reward my readers. I have recently learned, to my distress, that my printed books are not readily available in Australia. Yeah, people can buy them, but they cost a prohibitive amount to ship.

Annoying, and I have to investigate a fix. Well, that problem gave me an idea, as the majority of my fans live down under. On the 1st of June, I will make a random selection from my newsletter email list. I will contact the person whose name comes out of the hat and I will send them signed copies of the entire trilogy, for free, at my expense. No matter where that lucky person may live.

I don’t care if I have to send the books to Antarctica on the back of a penguin, you will get your books.

All you have to do is sign up. Lady Luck takes over from there.

5 thoughts on “Freebie!

  1. Hey folks,

    I have had the pleasure of reading this book and I advise everyone to get on board. Good story with a great twist.


  2. Just nabbed the Immolation freebie. I’ll be reading it with a beer in hand to baptise the final
    Instalment of the trilogy. Review will follow. But then maybe I’ll lob a quick one in beforehand to help move it along in the charts.
    Thanks for the free book!
    Be interesting to see what you come up with next.


  3. Gonna wait till I finish. It’s very good. Just finished the goat auction chapter. I really like the way you swap between ” Home Paul” and “Campaign Paul”. Nice juxtaposition of both his worlds feeding each other.


  4. Thanks! I think most people have favorite chapters when writing. I liked the goat chapter. I used the flashback technique throughout the series so that Paul’s background story could be interwoven throughout the action sequences. Maybe next time I write it’ll be linear. I started “the Valley” with the flashback style, and for consistency’s sake I stuck with it throughout the trilogy.


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