Been busy

Late spring is upon us here, and I am swimming against the tide of outside work around the house after a wet May where I couldn’t get much done. It didn’t help, either, that I was recovering from surgery and couldn’t do much.

So no, I haven’t forgotten about my readers. I’ve been crazy busy. A big project has been building a chicken coop over the unsightly concrete remnants of an outhouse (I live in an old house. Funny to think that within living memory we went from structures with no running water to the iPhone 7). In addition, I’ve been catching up on reading- one book I will crack soon is the proof of a friend of mines’ first novel. I’ve read his short stories, and I am looking forward to his book.

One thing I’d like to talk about is a concept John Birmingham turned me onto called the “Wizard Hat” that Elon Musk and a company called Neuralink may be working on. The device reminds me strongly of the “halo” in my books, but the article that describes Musk’s project lays out the concept with elegance and 40,000 odd words. It’s worth the read if you have the time. I burned through it in a couple of hours and will probably re-read it.

I am very excited that people are working on stuff like this. If you read the article (and I suggest that you do) you’ll see why.

Now if only people would start working on FTL. But maybe we need the “Wizard Hat” first. BTW, I think “halo” sounds cooler than “Wizard Hat.” But that’s just me.

Now that the lousy chicken coop is done, I can get back to writing and keeping you all in the loop.

I strongly suggest you all check out the article above, and by all means post back here and we’ll have a conversation about it.

It’s really worth reading.

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