Chevy builds ’em tough


Hey everybody. It’s been a rough week.

Without getting into a lot of detail, I can definitely recommend the Chevy Impala family of cars to anybody wanting to buy a new ride.

Why? My Impala saved my family’s bacon a couple of days ago when we were involved in a serious crash not too far from my house. We were going out for food, it was just another afternoon, nothing special. I was driving, my wife and two kids were in the car. The road I was driving on was rural, there was little traffic. Suddenly, I noticed a vehicle approaching in my lane at a high rate of speed.

Had about a second to react. I braked and dumped my car into the ditch. The other driver hit my door, the side airbags blew and we ground to a halt. I asked if everyone was alright, they were OK, we exited the vehicle on the passenger side quickly.

Couldn’t get out of the driver side for obvious reasons, things were twisted up and stuck fast. As you can see in the picture, however, the actual chassis was unbuckled and the safety features worked like a charm.

As it was two of us had to leave in an ambulance (I do love being strapped to a spine board for five hours), and we all got some quality time in the local hospital. Everyone was stiff and sore, but it could have been much worse. Pretty scary.

I was impressed by the Impala. The police said the other car was probably going about 50mph when they struck us, and we walked away from it, mostly. My car is shot, but I will remember it fondly.

I’ve already picked out its replacement- another Chevy sedan, a few years newer.

Why mess with a good thing?

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