Hey everybody. Here in the ‘States it’s the dead time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are experiencing a serious cold snap at the moment, near freezing during the day, and bitter cold at night. Wonderful stuff. I wonder when we’ll get our first serious snowfall, around here it usually happens around Christmas time.

There’s a few things I’ve been doing to pass the time. I’ve done some writing, some of which is out there publicly, and some which has yet to be released.

The stuff that hasn’t been released you’ll have to wait on, but when it hits rest assured you all will be notified. Of course, those on my list (to join, simply hit the contact link at the page header) will get the goods a little earlier.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll bring it up again- to see some of what I’ve been writing during these cold, iron-gray days, check out John Birmingham’s Patreon page. He’s writing a new universe, an apocalyptic project which I gladly joined. Also, if you sign up you can see some pretty awesome shorts from other authors, among which is a good one from Jason Cox, an Aussie who has a flare for story line twists. You can also see his work in Demons of Butte Crack County, a fanfic anthology based in Birmingham’s Dave vs. Monsters universe.

So yes, I am engaged in writing. At times it’s been furious with long pauses between sprints. But that’s how I operate in general. Get an idea, come up with a plan, and then execute. When the rough beast is born, refine. Upon satisfactory completion, submit to the editor and watch your baby get torn apart and reshaped into something sleek, polished, and hopefully cool.

So that’s where I’m at. A few projects ongoing, a few bouncing around in the back of my head. And one completed trilogy behind me.

Thanks for tuning in, more to follow.

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