Well, it was a good idea…


Hey all. Remember last week when I said I would like to produce an omnibus of my trilogy? Well, I started moving in that direction and I began a new project file with my publisher.

Today I received an email from them, they will be closing their doors effective 31JAN18.

Oh no. This is bad. I have used those guys for four years now for everything Indie publishing. Were they expensive? Yes. Did they deliver a solid product? Absolutely. I would send them a rough manuscript, they would give me a solid edit with feedback (after the first book I even had a favorite editor), lay out the interior, handle the ISBN stuff, give me a couple of covers to choose from, etc. The whole process with them was user friendly and well-suited to an ex-GI with zero experience with creating and publishing books. My editor was cool, the design team was awesome to work with. All I had to do was pay them, sit back, and wait.

At the end I always had something that I felt proud to put my name on.

Alas, it is no more.

Whoa, back to square one in regard to getting books out there. At least I’ve done it three times, or I’d be seriously discouraged at this point.

Going to have to figure this one out.


5 thoughts on “Well, it was a good idea…

  1. I am a fan of the work around. Is your fave editor looking for a little freelance per chance. Might be able to cut cost and get the same or better product. Always worth an ask.


  2. Have you asked the publisher if they would release the editors name to you since they are closing their doors?
    Also, reach out to your Aussie friend(JB). He has done really really well self publishing. If nothing else he may be able to give you a few pointers to save you some grief. In a perfect world the 2 of you would unite, hire that editor you mention above and start your own low cost/high profit digital/traditional publishing house and release content for your fans MONTHLY!!! 🙂


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