Some cool stuff to read


Yeah, OK, I took a little extra time between posts. The weather’s finally improved over here and some stuff’s been going on. I have a few articles for you all to read today.

The first article is pretty good, it talks about Space X having its first launch of the new Block 5 rockets soon. These rockets are developed with the goal of ultra-reusability, with up to 10 launches possible per rocket. Nice. More flights from the reliable Falcon 9 means more funding for the oh-so-cool BFR.

And you know how at times I get to NASA bashing. Well, they do some really cool stuff as well, it’s not their fault that they are dependent upon unreliable government funding and the whims of their political masters. One really cool project they’ve embarked upon is a mini-reactor for off world exploration. Read all about it here.

And finally, something funny. It seems the thousand dollar hammer fellows at Boeing are pissed to be shown up by the Falcon Heavy rocket, they have been crying that their billions-down-a-drain SLS booster system will outperform Falcon Heavy. Well, in theory it will. When, and if, it ever flies. So far tons of money has been spent for precious little result other than to make Boeing lots of cash chasing pipe dreams. Also, and this is important to note, the Falcon Heavy has already flown as a proof of concept- and it will be superseded by the Big Falcon Rocket within the foreseeable future, while the SLS’s later, more powerful iterations are dependent upon future, fickle, government funding.

So nice try, Boeing, no cigar. Go peddle your thousand dollar hammers elsewhere.

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