Took some time off


Hey all. Been a little while, I know. Well, the fam and I took some time to visit some of the prettier places here in the eastern US, namely the Appalachians in western North Carolina. So I’ve been offline for about two weeks, as some of you may have noticed. Before that I was working like mad to complete a walk-in shower before my mother-in-law came to visit, that happened in the nick of time.  So it’s been a busy June, just not busy in the writing sense, which is what you guys care about.

The vacation was fun. Above you can see a view of the Blue Ridge, it’s really pretty. However, it was also fairly busy, especially when compared to places like this in the western US.

It was, however, a decent chance to recharge our batteries after a couple of years without a vacation.

But now I’m back, and it’s time to get back to things.

Like posting and writing. I’ve checked the blocks this summer with household construction projects and recreation, now it’s time to get to it.

You’ll hear from me soon.

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