Cool Mars Mission Stuff


Long time readers, and even not-so-long time readers will know that I’m pretty darn enthusiastic about Elon Musk’s plans to colonize Mars. Space X is doing good stuff in terms of launching satellites into orbit, and hopefully the US will have a manned spacecraft capability again soon.

At the moment we subcontract out to the Russians, and I’m not so sure about the long-term sustainability of that approach.

So here is a pretty interesting article I stumbled across recently about a hush-hush conference Space X had with people who have studied the Mars habitability problem for a long time, including representatives from NASA.

Go ahead, read the article. It’s cool.

4 thoughts on “Cool Mars Mission Stuff

  1. I am seeing a serious fascination for this on your behalf. Surely a book on the theme must be wandering around in your head somewhere.


      • I agree. And the thing that i keep thinking about is the peak of technology that occurred with the moon landing as well as all the benefits that we cannot know or quantify until they occur. Fascinating time to be alive.


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