Watching the world die


Alright, long time readers will know that I’ve spoken before about the really cool project Australian author John Birmingham has. Quick recap- he’s writing a book about the apocalypse one step at a time, in the open and with input from subscribers. Anyone can join the process for a mere two bucks a month, with different levels of participation up to eight bucks a month.

I think the ten dollar stage is sold out. For two bucks- less money than a Starbucks- you get to read the book as its made, one chapter at a time. Also, there are a fair bit of apocalyptic fan-fic shorts on the site, including one by me.

Time has gone by since I last discussed this with you all, and right now Mr. Birmingham is on a tear. There is a lot of material on his site, I think the book is about half-written. I believe that three books are planned in the series. Mind, there are straight chapters plus analysis for those who are keen to look behind the curtain, as it were.

Well, I simply love this stuff. I have thoroughly enjoyed observing the process, as well as participating in a small way. It’s been worth every cent, and I encourage you all to check it out.

One last bit about this opening book in the series, without giving away any spoilers. If you want to see an AWESOME take on the true potential for cyber warfare, pay your two bucks and read what’s been completed to date. This thing has me checking my email with some frequency to see if there’s a new post- it’s very good. And at the moment things are reaching a real head and the downward slide has begun for sure and certain.

Hopefully someone from the DOD reads this and then reads his book- I don’t think the US or our allies are prepared for the oh-so-believable cyber mayhem as described so far.

And that’s just one aspect of the yet-to-be-named book.

Do check it out.



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