The more the merrier


We do live in interesting times. You all know I’ve spoken at length about Elon Musk’s SpaceX ventures, but I have had little to say about Jeff Bezos’s effort with Blue Origin and the New Shepard suborbital rocket.

Well, this won’t be the longest of articles that I’ve written, but I’m talking about Bezos’s feat today. It seems that the New Shepard took off yesterday, reached space, deployed a crew capsule, and landed itself back on the pad. It had some NASA experiments on board, the mission was a resounding success.

This is most excellent. I have had some concerns about Elon Musk and overreach, so as far as I am concerned, the more serious players in the space game, the better.

Mr. Bezos’s stated goal is to get paying passengers to space in the near future aboard his reusable rocket, and it looks as if he may succeed.

By all means read this cool article about his progress. It’s a good read, but the video is awesome. Check it out.

Excellent work to the people at Blue Origin! Keep it coming.


2 thoughts on “The more the merrier

  1. There is a book by Ben Elton called Stark. The rich folks know the world is going to end and spend all their time and resources building a secret space base where they can live once the world implodes. Worries me just a little whenever I see rich folk in space. On the bright side maybe they’re altruistic.


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