Clean power


Yeah, I’ve been on a posting streak lately, but I couldn’t pass this one up. It seems that the Chinese are seriously considering placing a power plant in orbit that would collect energy from the sun and beam it down to Earth.

What a coincidence that I came across this article today, as of late my posts have diverged somewhat from this site’s concept.

This is fascinating, and it overlaps several interests of mine. Space exploitation and exploration, of course. A better future, with desirable outcomes for people. And plain high-tech cool factor.

Just yesterday I was hanging out with my bud Paul, we were tearing apart a bathroom and talking in between noise from a belt sander about just this subject- an orbital power station that would collect energy directly from the sun without worries about weather, storage and the day/night cycles that limit solar power here on Earth.

It’s a great idea, and it looks as if the Chinese are serious about this. I hope they are, Lord knows they have serious problems with smog and pollution from coal-fired energy sources and industry. If anyone needs this, it’s the Chinese.

Kind of floored that our idle chat of yesterday is in the news today. We really do live in a time where science fiction is coming to life. All you have to do to see this is to look at your cellphone; it can barely be compared to the bricks of fifteen years ago.

The changes are coming fast, and accelerating. My childhood can’t be compared to that of my kids, let alone their potential offspring. A fact that still astonishes me is that my recently departed and ancient grandmother rode to school on a horse-drawn wagon, and electricity and indoor plumbing was for city folks when she was a girl. Before she died it seemed that all she did was tell tales, I’m glad I listened.

Yeah, it seems at times that the future is full of threats. But concurrently it’s full of wonders, real no-bullshit cool stuff. There is no way I could have predicted in 1982, standing in a cornfield, that decades later I would be able to communicate and collaborate daily with people on different continents. That I would see the birth of private spaceflight. That a powerful computer would fit in the palm of my hand, and using it to make calls would be the least of its many functions.

I don’t know about you, friend, but a part of me is filled with delight to see these changes. Another part is trepidation, of course, as the unknown is always daunting.

It all comes down to the ancient question; is the glass half full, or half empty?

I say good luck to the Chinese with this orbital power station. Hope they can get it to work.


2 thoughts on “Clean power

  1. The Chinese are investing more in renewable energy than any other country. It’s strategically smart thinking. If you cant power and feed your country you will always be reliant on someone else, who can exploit that weakness. The other benefits such as clean air are a serious bonus.


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