Service Dog Down


No, the dog pictured above is not Rick Boreham’s service dog, the dog in question. It’s my dog, Dixie. She’s the reason I don’t have a service dog myself, the VA offered me one once.

Here’s the reason for this post- Rick’s dog got hurt, and he started a GoFundMe page for the operation- apparently the Australian version of the VA does not cover veterinarian costs for service animals. A shame.

Well, I chipped in a modest amount, and if you can go ahead and pitch in as well. These dogs make a difference, I see them all the time at the hospital.

Rick has gone out and done the thing for God and Country, and part of the eventual result of him doing so was receiving a Combat Stress service dog. Now she’s hurt.

I think we can extend the VA’s motto to include a worthy ally who has paid the price of admission.

“To care for him who shall have borne the battle.”

For Nomi, the service dog.

One thought on “Service Dog Down

  1. I’ve chipped in a few bucks. I lost my dog almost six months ago. It was as gut wrenching a thing as has ever happened to me. We call them assistance dogs but my dog was a friend, and a damn good one who was always there for me. I reckon Nomi is worth a few dollars.


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