Something to look forward to!

legacy of ghosts cover

BLUF- Ms. Wanstall-Burke is an amazing author; her world-building is second to none. On November 30th, her second book in her debut series launches. There is no doubt that I will buy a copy and devour it.

OK, now that that’s been said, lemme talk a  bit about how excited I am that Alicia is putting some new stuff out there, which is better than I can manage at the moment. About a year ago I reviewed her first book, Blood of Heirs, and as far as I am concerned, she blew the standard for first books out of the water.

Non-stop good stuff, great characters and tension throughout. If she manages the same with Legacy of Ghosts, this will be a great read and an excellent bridge novel for her series.

Let me say again that I’m not much of a fantasy reader, but it doesn’t matter- it’s not the genre, it’s the storyteller. And Alicia can spin a yarn.

Hell yes I will be one of the first in the US who pulls a trigger on this book upon release. I will read it like a tornado through a tinseltown, have a bit of a think, and then a review will go up here and on the Beast.

Alicia Wanstall-Burke is an author that’s worth a read, all.

If you haven’t read no.1 in her series, do so.

No regrets, and a review before St. Nicolaas.


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