The Cowin E7 ACE cans- a review

Cowin E7 ACE

BLUF- Probably not for audiophiles, but good enough for laymen.

Today a bit of a tech review- a pretty remarkable set of bluetooth headphones for cheap.

OK, so I was cruising around Amazon and I saw an ad for an inexpensive wireless pair of headphones. Lemme say that I am not a technofreak. I am also not particularly gifted in the use of new tech, and I have no desire to get the latest and greatest.

It did, however, strike me as practical to get a head set that 1. would conceal my odd musical prefs from my family 2. would sound pretty good to my battered ears 3. would be comfortable and handy.

I do have a lot of experience with wearing headsets, but mostly in aircraft and armored vehicles- those varied from rock hard torture devices to OK to sweaty. Also, every one of them had a long curled cord that easily got tangled in, well, everything. Especially when you were the gunner.

So I didn’t want a cord.

I saw this headset, and I thought “genius!” OK, I’m sure that I’m years behind the power curve, but what the heck, why not do a review?

Alright, first off lemme say these things are stone-ax simple. This is good. I like simplicity. Simply turn your bluetooth on with your device, and set the little switch on the headset to “BT.” The headset will beep, and audio will start to play. Oh yeah, make sure you charge the crazy thing first with the included mini-USB cord. Also simple.

Haven’t tried to use the NC, or Noise Cancelling position yet, but I’m sure it works fine for airplane rides, whenever I get around to flying again (like to Australia in 2022ish).

OK the sound- first, understand that I’m somewhat hearing impaired, so maybe I’m not the best for giving a great review on an object strictly meant for audio connoisseurs. But then again, maybe so ’cause if these things work for me, then they’ll be great for people with regular ears.

The verdict? These cans are as good as the recording- these make it easy to tell between a bad recording and an excellent one. Without the headphones, I can’t tell. With the headphones- wonderful. I can only imagine how good these would be if my high-range wasn’t lopped off.

Comfort, ease of use, sound- these headsets have it. As of right now I can’t speak to long-range durability, but right out of the box they are a winner; I’ve tried them on audiobooks (JB’s Weapons of Choice) and music, and they are great.

So if you’ve got a few spare twenties and need a decent set of cans- go for it, these are nice and they cost a lot less than other ones.

Buy with confidence.

UPDATE: I have an older airco that’s pretty loud. I decided to try the “noise cancelling” feature on it- YES it worked! Most awesome; a real bonus. A few times I had to take off my headphones to make sure there wasn’t a power outage or something- nope, they just worked that good. Nice.

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