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OK, this isn’t a political site. Period. But I do see it as part of my mission to be helpful, interesting and educational. So here goes.

Some people in the news are making some pretty inflammatory statements and I have the idea that they are misinformed about the things of which they speak. So for my own education and now yours, I put together some facts and quotes and I decided to share them with you all.

If you are going to call someone a Commie or a Nazi, at least be accurate.

Communism is a philosophical, social, political and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of a communist society, namely a socioeconomic order structured upon the ideas of common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money and the state. Wikipedia

Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. Wikipedia

Important bits of the US Code that the general public should be familiar with:

United States Oath of Commissioned Officers: I ___, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God. (Title 5 U.S. Code 3331, an individual, except the President, elected or appointed to an office of honor or profit in the civil service or uniformed services)

An article that I wrote about the Oath, which forms the bedrock of uniformed service.

Article 94 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Mutiny or Sedition. Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organisation, that tends toward rebellion against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent toward, or rebellion against, established authority. Sedition may include any commotion, though not aimed at direct and open violence against the laws. Seditious words in writing are seditious libel. A seditionist is one who engages in or promotes the interest of sedition. Wikipedia

Finally, compare and contrast these two written statements:

LT General Michael Flynn, USA, Ret., tweeted his support for a statement that the President should “immediately declare a limited form of Martial Law and temporarily suspend the Constitution and civilian control of these federal elections, for the sole purpose of having the military oversee a national re-vote.” This was reported on numerous news outlets on 01DEC20.

General Mark Milley, USA, made this written memo for the entire Department of Defense in early June of 2020:

Which would you rather? An impartial and apolitical military, or a tank parked outside the polling station?

Consider the definitions, laws and statements listed above.

Then think long and hard.

6 thoughts on “Definitions and Quotes

  1. I agree completely and I respect your apolitical position. When the military establishment adopts a political position and supports a person instead of a nation it seldom works out well.


  2. A tank at the polling station? No thanks, I prefer a good Sausage Sizzle and/or cake stall! For reference try googling ‘democracy sausage’!


      • Based on the lines i saw at some polling booths in your election a good sausage sizzle would have cleaned up and probably kick started the economy. But beware. Any talk of a sausage sizzle may lead to the discussion on whether onions go under the sausage or on top. Aussies are generally a peaceful bunch but this discussion could end in punches being thrown.


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