2021 release of… something!

Pictured above are some hardcopies of my first trilogy. The last book in the series, Immolation, was published in May, 2017.

That’s four long years ago.

Since then, I have been busy. I have written in shared universes, and I’ve created one of my own, an alternate history.

The shared universes are exactly that, they are shared. They do not belong to me.

Long time readers know my publisher went belly-up a couple of years ago. This may have been a left-handed gift because if they were still around, I probably would have released my alternate history in a knee-jerk fashion.

News flash: I would have lost money on it. Unfortunately, that seems to be the cold hard truth for 99.9% of indie authors.

You will lose money.

It’s so easy to look at the sheer volume of the competition out there and get discouraged. At times I want to throw up my hands and say the hell with it, that this is a fool’s game and a massive waste of time.

But then I read through some really positive stuff that some people have had to say about my work, and it makes a difference.

Years ago, after my first book, I had sold something like fifty copies. The thing was going nowhere. It embarrassed me, my thoughts were “hey, I did this. I said I would. Now it’s done and no one wants to read it. I’ll never do this again.”

I walked away.

But then a curious thing happened. First, I was contacted by a fan who said he really liked the book. He asked me when I was going to write the sequel; I told him I hadn’t really thought about it.

But then I did. Then I heard from an author I was in occasional contact with, John Birmingham. He told me the book was a good read. I was blown away to hear this.

So I sat down and I wrote the second book in what became a trilogy. By May of 2017, it was done.

Then I got involved in a bunch of projects, lost my publisher, and finished another trilogy.

By now, April of 2021, the dam is about to burst.

I want to release my alt history trilogy so bad it hurts.

So I come back to what has sustained me throughout the years, my readers and friends. I have a question to pose to you. A series, really.

Here are my dilemmas.

First, I don’t want to go thousands of USD into the hole again. But I also don’t want to publish an inferior product. So the pure indie route isn’t that attractive. Sorry, Amazon, but for most Indie authors you are a money sink, not a revenue generator.

Second, selling the trilogy is still a possibility, and it’s by far the most preferred one. I consider my current trilogy to be locked up in this process for the time being. However, one must always have a back-up plan.

Here it is.

I really admire John Birmingham’s Patreon page.

This. This seems to be a sure-fire method of getting my work out to you all, and I would be paid some small amount per month to do so.

I take this question to you readers directly: would you be interested in paying a few dollars per month to see my latest and greatest? What would you like to see? How much would you be willing to pay?

Hell, how many of you would actually cross the threshold and join the Cool Kids Club?

I need answers to these questions.

Something I could do is begin work immediately on a NEW TRILOGY, one that’s not tied up in commitments. A new sci-fi universe, just for my readers.


At least once a week you would get a new chapter to chew on, and we could hang out and talk it over. At the end of each book, you’d get a complimentary e-book copy.

What do you think?

This is something I’m interested in.

But who cares about me.

The question is: are you interested?

I’m all ears.

10 thoughts on “2021 release of… something!

  1. The big thing for me is getting the ebook copy. As long as I can buy that ebook copy, that is what I prefer.
    Whether it is released thru Patreon, or a direct download on this site, either way I will support ya!
    Love your writing, and you seem like a good dude. I bought all 3 of your last books, so buying these books are a no brained.


    • Hey, thanks for getting back with me on this. I’d work this deal like JB does with his site: probably a two-tier system with basic access for two bucks/mo, in-depth for four. Probably a couple of chapters per wk., and then an ebook at the end. What do ya think, Mason?


      • That works for me! I don’t like reading on my computer, I read everything on my kindle. That is why I prefer the whole ebook at the end.
        I think Andy Weir actually did something very similar to what you are describing for his book, The Martian. Here is a quick write up on it:

        The cool thing is that since you have already written the trilogy, you won’t be trying to pump out something just to meet a deadline.
        Plus, you can easily get feedback from readers, if you do publish again!
        I think Birmingham even mentioned that he wouldn’t have killed off a certain Axis of Time trilogy character I’m a specific way if he was getting feedback from readers.


      • Oh, I’m going to publish. It’s a question of “how” and “when.” The RD MS of the entire trilogy is complete, what would go on Patreon would be an entirely new concept I’ve laid out. A third trilogy.


  2. I’m one of those folks who would like a complete book(s), having bought your first three as ebooks….having said that I do subscribe to several writers in different genres via Patreon. As has been said ‘you write, I buy’!


    • And I will oblige re: ebooks. Kind of like JB does: at the end of each serial, my subscribers get the complete, edited copy. Also, I have a completed alt-history trilogy RIGHT NOW. The Patreon concept will be something else entirely.


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