Sleeper Agent by John Birmingham, a review

BLUF: Can’t-put-down action and intrigue with a sci-fi twist.

Alright, readers. Long time hangers-out at this site know that I’ve done some work with JB, and I think he’s a pretty cool guy.

What you should also know is that I’ve been a fan of his work since the 00’s, and this fact way predates me coming into contact with him. His writing is tight, awesome, and rich. In fact, I haven’t run across something of his that actually sucked, ever. If I did, I would call it as it is.

Well, lemme say that his latest, “Sleeper Agent,” is a very long way from suckage.

It’s a pretty awesome book.

Here is my official review:

I’ve been a big fan of John Birmingham’s work for well over a decade- ever since I found a dog-eared copy of one of his paperbacks in a GI mini-library. Back then, I read a few pages and I was hooked. Fast forward some thirteen, fourteen years and maybe the media type has changed (Audible), but his writing has not. Sleeper Agent, his latest, was crafted to the same high standard as the rest of his catalog. 

What can I say? The book’s start drew me in with a confrontation between the protagonist and some bad guys, and it escalated from there. The narrative tension kept ratcheting upwards as it should, and what seemed at first to be a conventional spy novel transformed into a near-future yarn with strong science fiction elements. 

All of it was credible, there was very little suspension of belief necessary as the tale rolled forward. I enjoyed this book during a couple of long car rides and it helped out during household chores. It was great, and at no point did I have the desire to shut my iPad and walk away. Each chapter found me wanting more.

This. This is what good fiction does. Highly recommend for lovers of general action, spy craft, and science fiction

Now that you guys have seen the boilerplate, I’d like to add a few notes.

The narrator for this book worked very well, it suited the genre and story nicely. Absolutely loved this thing on car rides, it made a few three-hour slogs turn into almost invisible exercises. This is the true acid test of an audio book, IMO.

As an aside, I was very impressed with my iPad’s interface with Subaru’s Apple CarPlay. See image below:

Alright, maybe I’m a technological Philistine, but I was amazed by the flawless ease of use with this system, and the ability to play JB’s latest through the car’s audio system.

But I digress.

By all means, go ahead and buy this book.

It’s pretty sweet!

3 thoughts on “Sleeper Agent by John Birmingham, a review

  1. I also loved this audio book and the characters woven into it. I would like to ask if there are any plans for a sequel please. Won’t say more as I don’t want to give anything away but it certainly needs a sequel IMHO. Thanks


  2. I also loved this audiobook and the characters. I would like to ask if there is a sequel planned for this book as I feel it definitely is needed. Won’t say more as I don’t want to give anything away but please give me hope that I can revisit Cooper and his family in the future.


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