Life’s minutiae

The above image is the ideal way to pass a winter, at least IMO.

I get so sick of the sludge and ice. The endless gray and white, the treacherous driving and conditions. For Pete’s sake, it’s semi-dangerous just to go out and take care of the animals, you have to watch every step. The other day I fell while carrying a bucket of water. Fortunately, all that happened was a change of clothes and a dust off, and I was good.

Maybe in twenty years I won’t shake something like that off as easily, though. I truly hate ice packs and ice in general, along with frigid temperatures and bleak skies. The snow we had sometime in the past hasn’t entirely melted; there are still dirty lumps of it scattered about my mushy yard.

Yeah, you may have picked up on the fact that winter isn’t my favorite season and it’s had me down. It’s not a matter of having writer’s block rather than being bogged down in the day to day necessities of keeping the house OK and warm throughout some fairly challenging weather. The endless minutiae of maintaining a household while Mother Nature launches her annual assault on your budget and nerves.

A lot of the time I use the winter to write. For some reason this season has been different. Now, I have been maintaining my patreon site without major problems, but actually picking up the thread on my latest manuscript has been a bit of a bother.

I dunno. I think part of the problem has been that I am imagining a new world, an alien world, and what I want to bring across to my readers is a feeling of how profound it would be to actually step foot on a world literal dozens of light years from home, being among the very first. There are also a whole range of questions that come with this. Ethics.

Sometimes you just have to sit back, look at something, then go do something else. It’s a trick I learned as a mechanic. If a problem is kicking your butt, walk away or get a second set of eyes on it. Otherwise you will surely break something or you’ll injure yourself. So, I guess this lousy winter is serving the purpose of walking to the other side of the shop and having a smoke break. Giving me the opportunity to turn the problem over in my head, to examine all the weird angles.

I’m pretty confident that in the end this small break will make for a better product, which is what I owe my readers.

Catch ya, and this time I’ll try not to be such a stranger.

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