Free Stuff!

Hey, everyone.

Perhaps I have mentioned my pay site before, where there’s an entire new space opera novel posted and the better part of an alt history. If you don’t know this, allow me to do a brief recap.

You can see it at

NOTE: To see the FREE STUFF tab you must scroll down and click on the “See all 162 posts” button.

Here’s the skinny.

For three bucks/mo you get the novels and bonus content. Stuff I don’t put out on here.

For five bucks you get it all. The novels, my analysis, everything.

Ten bucks? All the above plus naming rights for a character, or maybe write up some fan fiction. There are limited slots for this, and some are still available.

You probably spend more on coffee a month, so it’s your call, really. I’d love to have you aboard.

One of my very favorite things about the pay website is fan interaction! You get a chance to shape the work as it rolls out- I listen to my peeps, and my fans and betas have made an enormous impact upon my work.

So, today I did what I should have done months ago and I started to organize the content (some 150 posts), and the very first thing I did was to create a “FREE STUFF” tab for all of those who may happen by.

By all means head on over to and check it out!

We’ll talk inside.

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