A tough past week

Hey, everyone.

This past week has been the pits. A busy period while I was sick with stupid COVID again. I must say I’ve become a connoisseur of strains of the disease, Omicron wasn’t as bad as Delta. But it still sucked.

In between bouts of fever and coughing fits I managed to do the final edit of my latest manuscript, The Storyteller’s Heaven. The book is a space opera with a twist, set in the late twenty-first century. It was a lot of fun to write, and I look forward to the official launch fairly soon. Of course, any of you can read the serialized rough draft version over on my other website, patreon.com/jasonlambright.

It must be said that if you are so kind as to drop three bucks a month, you will also get another book in serial form and the opening chapters of two more novels. That’s a fair bit for three bucks. There are tiers for five and ten dollars as well, with increasing levels of rewards.

OK, enough with the sales pitch.

In addition to the edits, I was finally strong enough yesterday to mow the grass. Yes, the disease laid me that low. Weak to the point that riding around on a lawn mower seemed too much to ask. It was a terrible week for physical fitness activities; my pedometer app on my phone had been nothing but solid red bars for a while. Red is bad.

Today I get to play catch-up. Clean the house some, recover. It’s been a rough patch; I felt like Mr. Moore’s sculpture, see above. Heavy as a darn rock and sprawled out on the couch.

Time to play catch-up.

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