The Cheap Seats

Hey, everybody.

I wanted to let you know that two books of mine are discounted right now on Amazon, and they will remain so until Saturday the 20th of August, 2022, at midnight PST. Later today and tomorrow another two books will drop to 99 cents as well.

That’s right. My latest release, The Storyteller’s Heaven, is set to .99 USD cents. The original book of my first trilogy, In the Valley, is set to 0.00. Also, for a limited time, The Captain’s Cauldron and Immolation will be set to 99 cents as well, although the price on those won’t change until 0800 PST on the 16th (Captain’s Cauldron) and 0800 PST on the 17th (Immolation). Don’t ask me why these are staggered, I’m sure Amazon had its reasons.

This means that for less than the full-whack price of The Storyteller’s Heaven, you can get all four of my books this week. It’s a pretty good deal.

By all means, go over and score some copies on Amazon.

This deal was meant to reward you, my fans and readers.

Check it out!

2 thoughts on “The Cheap Seats

  1. Liked the collaboration piece ‘Parade Rest’ mailed by Birmo via Cheeseburger Gothic. I swear you guys are dealers.
    “Here’s a taste to tide you over. Stay chill bro.”
    In some places in Oz the drug chiefs get their goons to let off fireworks when a shipment is all bagged up, ready for sale. Its annoying. You and JB are way more civilised.


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