The screenshot above signifies happiness.

It is a file full of completed rough draft chapters of my latest book, the second of “The Promised Land” series, the follow-on to “The Storyteller’s Heaven.”

The manuscript is done, God be praised. It took an unprecedented thirteen months of labor and thought, at times I believed I would never get it finished. But here we are, and here I am, with a capped-off RD MS of 76,730 words.

I completed it this morning at 0603 hours, US EST. When I typed the last words, it felt like bliss. Pure heaven, to have this monster in the bag.

I’m looking at having this latest novel completed and launched by the middle of March.

The work doesn’t end, it just takes different forms.

4 thoughts on “76,730

    • (Laughs). Actually, crap food is more of a problem when I’m not writing. It’s not a problem to write Joe, Bill or Paul. It does help to look at their issues and give a critical eye to their problems. To expose them to the light of day, per se. I need a break from this universe, but not for reasons related to the protagonist. Simply because I need a change of pace for a while, and then I’ll do the capstone novel this winter.


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