A mountain to climb, again

Note the window to the side, the Grammarly prompt with the number of edits for me to review on my rough draft manuscript of “The King’s Ohio Rifles,” book one of the upcoming Ohio Rifles trilogy. This is my foray into alternate history, and I would like to have it released on Amazon NLT 15NOV22.

3,887 edits is a lot of edits. True, most of them are dumb stuff like comma placement. But for a lot of them, you really have to think. In some cases you have to ignore the AI, and that’s where it gets tricky. You do so at your peril, but in dialogue especially it is often necessary.

Well, Grammarly did one hell of a job with my last MS, and I don’t expect this to be any different. The program only made one howler, and it was my fault. It changed “herd” into “heard” and a sharp-eyed reader pointed this out to me. I must have clicked the “change” box without thinking about it, and it bit me.

So far, though, that’s been the only mistake that people have pointed out. Grammarly rocks.

Note the 3,887 block once more. This is a MS that has been beta-read by a few very good readers, and I’ve made a ton of changes to the original copy in Dropbox. And still, nearly FOUR THOUSAND edits to perform! This number is not a mistake, the AI is right about approximately 95% of them.

This will take me about a week of solid effort to do. However, this step is utterly necessary.

It’s simply a question of getting it done.

I have a series of time hacks and NLT dates by which certain steps must take place. A completed cover, an edited MS, a dunk into Vellum at the end, etc.

All of this is to provide you, my readers, with suitable entertainment.

I currently have four complete and unreleased novels in the stack, so I’ll be going through this process a lot over the coming year.

Keep an eye out! If you are new to this page, click here for my published works.

2 thoughts on “A mountain to climb, again

  1. I just finished The Storyteller’s Heaven yesterday, and if it’s any consolation the herd/heard thing is the only one I spotted, and these things usually register with me. Sometimes I wish I could turn off that part of my brain.


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