New book

Hey, everybody.

My new alternate history book is out there, ready for the viewing public.

Here’s the back-cover blurb.

“In this World War One alternate history novel by Jason Lambright, Private Bill Strohmeier, a light machine gunner in the 7th King’s Ohio Rifles Battalion, fights to save himself and his friends in the muck and blood of the deadly trenches of France and Belgium. 

Every day could be his last. Each bullet could have his name on it. As the heavens roar and the ground heaves with high explosives, can Bill and others in the 7th Ohio Rifles live and hold out against the Kaiser’s best? 

Does Bill survive this walk in hell?”

If this sort of thing interests you, by all means head on over to Amazon and give it a look.

Here’s the links:

Amazon Australia

Amazon UK

Amazon US

For anyone else, it’s probably on your host nation Beast website as well.

This is pretty cool. Two releases in 2022, after five years of producing not much. Well, I did produce stuff, I simply lacked the means to get it out there. But now I’ve got the secret sauce.

I hope to get two more out there next year and start on another project. Time will tell, but it looks pretty good right now.

Thanks to everyone for dropping by!

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