Sorry, You’re Still Not an Author.

Wow, that was fast.

And totally predicted both on these pages and JB’s website.

The flood of AI generated books has begun, unfortunately. This was inevitable. In fact, an entire ecosystem of people trying to make big money on Amazon using ChatGPT has sprung into life on YouTube. I don’t need to include a link, you’ll find a lot of examples if you do a simple search.

Taking an hour and plugging a prompt into a program does not make you an author.

Neither will playing with words in an AI program make you an artist.

What these programs do is to cheapen and steal from the creative work of millions, they devalue and copy the creativity and labor of those whose works are on the internet somewhere.

Another facet of these crawling internet bots is that they loan themselves to reinforcing confirmation bias, people’s tendency to process information by looking for, or interpreting, information that is consistent with their existing beliefs.

We have seen this a lot lately. It is a key driver in some of the toxic conspiracy theories floating around these days. You believe in something that is transparently false? Fine. Type your belief into Google and someone’s page somewhere will pop up with tons of “facts” that will verify whatever notion you may hold.

This phenomenon of bad information is a known weakness of ChatGPT, by the way. The program pulls from all sources on the internet, not from sources that actually have to verify facts or produce data that will stand up in court.

Just watch. Journalism has already been cheapened and devalued by this. Over the last few years, “alternative facts” have become a thing. If you don’t have to worry about being sued for libel, you can say whatever you want. This is unlike traditional journalists, who have to uphold legal standards. Certain people in the media hide behind the shield of “this is entertainment,” and then proceed to cherry-pick the hell out of data obtained from the web. They assemble a product designed to enrage their audiences to keep ratings and clicks up, social cost be damned.

Journalist? You’re a loser, I find my own facts. Everything on the internet must be right.

Artist? Dork. I make the coolest shit on this AI art program.

Author? Sucker! You slaved for years, I just made five hundred bucks on Amazon with the prompt “80,000 word novel,” and I uploaded it for free!

I guess laugh all you want at the educated or talented “suckers” who put in the work in the past, because eventually the joke will be on everyone, and sooner than you may think.

All of those service jobs? Ever seen the automated check-out at Walmart? The machines are coming for you. Anyone who can feasibly be replaced will be, and at the fastest rate possible. I guarantee you Amazon is looking hard at a human-free sorting center, along with UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Healthcare? That’s next. Humans are way too prone to error, and they cost a ton, too. You can see the beginnings of the medical employment sunset if you look for it.

Insurance? A dying breed. Already many of those jobs have gone remote, and it’s a matter of time before AI will make those obsolete, as well.

Telemarketers? You may hate them, but they employ many thousands at call centers worldwide. Kiss those jobs goodbye in the near future.

Banking or customer service? Yep, the same. If you think getting a real human on the line is a problem now, wait a few years.

Oh? And that guy who makes a living on some TV network or podcast talking shit? Ever seen some of the good deepfakes out there? He’s next, as soon as the algorithm is good enough.

I could spend an hour or more listing all the jobs subject to termination by the coming Artificial Intelligence wave. You can prove my point by typing in a search of AI threatened jobs. See? The machine did your thinking for you. Again. You didn’t need to use your imagination at all.

So go ahead. Laugh at the flaky creatives and the fools who make their money with ideas. By all means, do it over a beer. A beer, if you think about it, that was produced and delivered to you having never been touched by human hands, except at the end where someone unloaded it from a truck. From the planting of the first hops seed to packaging at the plant; not one single hand. And by the way, I guarantee that last part, the person unloading the truck, will be replaced as well. It’s a matter of time.

The AIs won’t discriminate between the PhDs or the factory worker.

Drink up.

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