The Hidden Sun

Hey, all.

I launched my sixth published book today, “The Hidden Sun.” It is the bridge novel of my Ohio Rifles trilogy, a series based in a different First World War.

It was a lot of fun to write, and so far book one “The King’s Ohio Rifles,” has done very well by my standards.

You can pick up this copy on the US version of the Beast here.

My Aussie peeps can go here.

Finally, my UK crowd can take a look here.

Launch days are always good, and today will be no different. This should be a busy year for me, I have three more long-form novel launches scheduled for 2023.

I plan to finish off the Rifles series by May, then I’ll do another book in the Storyteller series in August.

Around Christmas I plan to do the first novel in a for now secret-premise trilogy.

Stay tuned.

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