Age is the disease of the fortunate

Welcome to my new blog, it’s my first foray into the howling wasteland of the blogosphere, so bear with me.

Why am I doing this? Because I finally started to take this whole author thing seriously- it only took three years or so with two books published. You can get them here. I don’t know what my problem was, maybe it was a case of getting over my retirement from the Army, or being unable to take my work seriously.

But after selling a thousand odd books and getting a lot of feedback by some really cool people, I have started to think of myself as a writer. It’s time to commit, as opposed to dabbling.

So here’s a pledge I’ll make, to you the reader. Number one, I’ll post to this website weekly unless some crazy life issue comes up. In that case, I’ll tell you. Number two, I will continue to write, I’ll tell it as I see it. Finally, I will inform my readers of the latest developments with my work, I’ll keep you all in the loop. Only cool kids know about this site, anyway.

What’s with my header picture? It’s not spacey at all. Well, no, it’s not. My books are based in an era where humanity has expanded into the galaxy, but the protagonist is one of the guys who has to get down onto various planets and do the dirty work involved. The picture fits with that theme. The hand you see above is my hand, the machine gun is a PKM, and the black flag was torn from my sleeve. I was gunning in Afghanistan, and the PK was my secondary weapon, my primary was a Mk19.

That picture is a part of my past, and it colors my actions today. So it’s relevant. Also, John Birmingham was gracious enough to feature it on his blog, I was honored that he put it up there.

I have no idea what I’ll write next week, maybe it’ll be some lame picture of my dog, maybe it’ll be some rant about who knows what.

In any case, stay tuned.

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