Latest book developments

My second book launched in June (The Captain’s Cauldron), it was a good launch by my standards. I had committed to writing a trilogy in the Paul Thompson (The Valley) universe, so unlike after In the Valley I didn’t mess around with planning for the final book, Immolation.

In August of this past year, after attending my first con, I began to lay out an outline for number 3. Then I took a couple of months to think about it, and I started fleshing out my concept for how the chapters were going to tie together. Finally, in December, I sat down and started to seriously write.

I have a bad thing when I start hammering on the keys in a novel. I go into a frenzy and I am consumed by the BOOK until its done. It’s ridiculous. I even wrote a couple thousand words on Christmas Day. But by about the second week of January, the rough draft of Immolation was complete, at about 94k words.

It’s now going through the beta phase, that’ll last until about the end of February. I have a select crew of readers picking over the book’s carcass as we speak. My plan is to have it off to the publisher by the middle of March. It’ll go through another round of slow-roasting there.

I can say with a fair degree of confidence that Immolation will be ready for the general public by June of this year.

And with that, Paul Thompson’s tale will be complete.

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