Pete the Ranger


Been pretty busy the past week or so. I’ve been doing a lot of work on my third book, “Immolation,” it’s coming along nicely with some local help and the assistance of some kind folks down in Australia. I have also been busy gathering material for this site, I did some traveling to visit a friend and comrade, Pete the Ranger. He agreed to an interview, I recorded some pretty good stuff. I plan on inserting some tales from him from time to time onto this website.

First, let me start by saying that Pete is what is known as a “tabbed and scrolled” Ranger. This means that he served overseas with the Ranger Regiment (the 75th) during wartime, hence the term “scrolled.” He is entitled to wear the unit scroll of his Ranger Battalion on his uniform’s right sleeve. By “tabbed,” I mean that he is also a successful graduate of the US Army’s Ranger school, a fairly famous months-long torture test.

Pete is a long-service NCO, he has served in South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. He is the recipient of numerous decorations and awards. He wears the Combat Infantryman’s Badge and jump wings, of course. I’m pretty sure he has some foreign wings and a German Schutzenschnur, but frankly the guy’s dress uniform looks like General Patton’s so it’s easy to get confused. In any case, he doesn’t put much stock in all the bling, anyway. I’m just putting it out there for biographical info.

Pete would like to remain anonymous, so I can’t paste his ugly mug up on this website. It’s a shame, because I have some pretty cool photos of him in various places doing things. So here goes a thumbnail sketch: He’s an average sized man of stocky build. He has a full head of sandy hair, usually done up in a high-and-tight. He likes to drink Natural Light, and his lip is perpetually full of Grizzly fine-cut chewing tobacco. Pete is usually pretty laid back as long as people don’t act like jerks. When that happens, it’s best to step aside for a moment or two, the results aren’t pretty.

I have seen Pete do amazing things on combat operations. He is a master improviser, a sound tactician, and he is an expert on any weapon system you care to name under the level of a howitzer. Well, he could probably figure one of those out, too, given enough ammo and a lazy afternoon. He has ridden to battle on trucks, a dirt bike, donkeys, various aircraft, and his own two feet.

Pete is the Renaissance Man of 20th and 21st century combat, and I count myself lucky to know him. Better still, I have the additional luck that he agreed to do the interviews.

I should have the first story out within a day or two. Keep an eye peeled.

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