No oxygen = no rust or rot


Something I’ve been following a bit for a while is research being conducted in the Black Sea off of Bulgaria. Saw a new article about it today, check it out. It seems there is a bit of water there that is very deep with an “anoxic,” or oxygen depleted zone.

While that may be bad for fishers, it’s great for researchers. Turns out that stuff that falls into the anoxic zone stays there, and doesn’t rot. Within the zone are an unknown number of ships from the distant past with apparently perfectly preserved wooden structures and cargoes.

Wow. I’m a bit of a sucker for relics and exploration, and this really interests me. I’m sure there are any number of historians and nautical hobbyists who think this is cool as well. Imagine, a seabed strewn with wrecks from the past several thousand years.

All kinds of really cool stuff waiting to be found down there.

You know, we supposedly know so much about this wonderful planet of ours and stuff like this still pops up. I think we really don’t know half of the story.

Imagine what we’ll find if we ever manage to leave Earth and go out into space. It’ll be one crazy discovery after the next, and we’ll never more than scratch the surface for many thousands of years.

Be nice to see a real move in that direction within my lifetime. We’ll see.

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