Prince Harry


Yeah, I’m not a big follower of the British royals and their doings, but I ran across an article today about how Prince Harry is planning on marrying a Yank. It peaked my interest, so I read it.

As many of you may be aware, Prince Harry’s fictional alter-ego takes on a butt-kicking, Nazi face-smashing presence in John Birmingham’s Axis of Time series- of which I am a huge fan. Alternate history/sci-fi at its best, really.

So it peaked my interest when I saw an article describing the Prince’s upcoming nuptials.

Also, I like Prince Harry for other reasons. He has done the thing for God and Country, having served in his nation’s wars. He sucked sand in some pretty nasty places when by all rights he didn’t have to. He could have stuck to a life of PR and parties, but he chose not to.

I’m not 100% sure that this is actual combat footage, but here is a video of Harry rocking out with Ma Deuce (the Browning .50 cal machine gun) in Afghanistan. Real or not (and I think it’s real, although doubtless a bit staged for the camera crew), ultra cool that someone of such high social rank got trigger time in that hellhole.

Personally, I think as a society we need more people like Prince Harry, who are willing to serve the society that has fostered them.

Over here in the ‘States we are running out of politicians and business leaders who have ever served time in the trenches, who can identify with the average Joe. And I’m not just referring to combat veterans. I’m talking a whole class of people who have never touched base with the ordinary person, who really have no idea what goes on in our heads or our day-to-day concerns.

So hats off to Prince Harry, and I wish him luck in his future endeavors as well as best wishes on his upcoming wedding.

Birmingham called it. I can totally see him punching a Nazi in the face.

God bless, Prince Harry.


4 thoughts on “Prince Harry

  1. Full on anti royalist that I am I do have some respect for this chap for all the reasons mentioned above.
    Also fully agree with Jason on the importance of understanding what you are sending people to do before you make that decision.


    • I couldn’t agree more. They always taught us in the service that you must never order someone to do a job that you are not willing to do yourself. I can’t say first hand what the British Army teaches, but it seems that Prince Harry lives up to that standard- and a lot of politicians worldwide do not. A shame.


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