Say hello to the new (old) Army uniform


So I suffered through a number of dumb uniform changes. The beret. The ACU. The ugly, greyhound bus “blues.”

I always wondered what the hell was wrong with the old Greens, which resembled the coolest Army uniform, the old WW2 outfit.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one who thought about that. Now look, each Army uniform iteration had its ups and downs, with the exception of the black beret, which was stolen from its rightful owners, the Rangers. Well, OK, the ASU (blues) were pretty dumb, too. However, the ACUs had many redeeming factors, with the exception of the most important part- the camouflage pattern.

I remember when the ACUs were first introduced, and we debated whether the camo pattern would work in the field. Well, one trip to the woods solved that question. Troops in the old BDUs were practically invisible while dudes in the new ACUs stood out like sore thumbs until the uniforms were completely filthy with mud.

However, I loved the functionality of the things. All those pockets, and no more boots to shine.

So when I was issued Multicams in Afghanistan, it was a perfect world. Very functional uniforms combined with an excellent camo pattern- top notch. A few years later and the Army adopted the pattern service-wide. Wise choice.

But the dress uniforms still sucked.

Well, I came across the news today that the Army has finally gone with common sense. They are bringing back a modified WW2 dress uniform.

I ask myself why it ever changed in the first place. But it did, and now we’ve come full circle. Hooray for the return of Grandpa’s khakis.

It’s about time.

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