D-U-N, Done.


Well, not quite done, but it’s the end of the first phase.

It’s been a flurry of writing these past couple of months. The rough draft of my latest manuscript, the alternate history, is done. It landed a little south of where I wanted it, but a few thousand words will probably be tacked on in revisions over the next couple of months as my beta crew chews it over.

The beta read phase of a project is my favorite part; you put your stuff out on a cloud based file sharing program and send invites for people to read. Then you sit back and wait on the reactions, stuff you missed.

It’s great fun.

Wish I would have used this technique on my first two novels; I can’t say it’s my invention by any means. I blatantly stole it from a friend, author and mentor. If you are considering writing, I highly encourage you to develop the manuscript and then post it to a trustworthy crew.

It’s an eye-opener.

So yeah, it’s Miller time, the rough manuscript is finito.

Sweet. Now it’s time to “supervise and refine,” as they used to say in my old line of work.

And the writing continues.

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