Books I’m excited about!


Alright; there’s two books that I’m about to read. This is good, it brings me up from my previous level, zero. Well, there was a book I half-read, and it was really good. It was simply too awful to finish, “Life and Fate,” by Vasily Grossman. I’ll probably return to it at some point, but it’s too much right now.

I really needed something fun, a good escape.

Well, two of my favorite authors have stepped up. One is Alicia Wanstall-Burke, with the latest installment of her series, “Legacy of Ghosts,” available everywhere on the 30th of November, 2019. That’s right now down in Oz, and a couple of hours from now here in the ‘States. I plan on tearing into this thing as soon as possible. I’ll probably take notes and then post a review here shortly thereafter.

This is going to happen.

Sometimes good news does crop up randomly in the inbox, too. It seems another friend of mine, Jason Cox, has completed the manuscript of his next thriller, it’s called “The Compass,” and there’s no word on when it will release, or by whom. If it’s anything like the other stuff he’s written, though, it should be pretty good; beta-ing quality stuff is a pleasure.

I discovered Jason through the fanfic “The Demons of Butte Crack County,” which has a few of his short stories in it. If you ever read Birmingham‘s Dave Hooper series, you have to check out “Demons” as well.

In any case, this is a short bit today.

There’s too much reading to do.

Do check out Alicia’s LEGACY OF GHOSTS, launching approximately now, and I’ll keep you posted about the progress of Jason Cox’s latest as it moves through the pipeline.

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