meal service- a review

ideal freshly meal

OK- foodies have not taken over my site; as I have said before this blog looks at technology, space, the future of things, entertainment and pretty much whatever I feel like talking about. Right now I’m trying out something which is going to be very big; internet just-on-time food services. In a few days I’ll be reviewing a bit of solar-powered travel gear, so keep an eye out for that, too.

So let’s get down to it. Does deliver the goods?

Yes. And here’s why.

First, ease of ordering. I’m not the best in the world about this stuff, so the so-easy-to-use website was a definite plus. There were forty-odd menu choices for the week of February 18th, all I had to do was choose a couple. We went for the Peppercorn Steak and the Cod Cakes. I’m reviewing the Cod Cakes today, we’re eating the steaks on Monday. Spoiler: if the steaks are as good as the Cod Cakes, all will be well. I put in my payment stuff, and voila! The food was on its way.

Freshly assured me that it would arrive on Tuesday the 18th, it did. The order was correct, too. Stuff came in a cardboard box with biodegradable insulation and frozen gel packs. All was cool as a cucumber, and I think in August it would be OK, too. A concern of mine is the junk and clutter. Well, nearly everything is recyclable, including the food trays. And I thought of something to do with the insulation- I’ll save it and use it as… insulation on construction projects. It’s really good stuff. But I digress.

The box had six of these in it.


There is a meal in each one, these ones were 670 cal units. The back had the usual handy nutritional data.


As you can see, mostly natural good stuff with few additives. Quality food. The preparation was a snap, super simple, just follow the instructions on the packaging. I went a little conservative and eased up on the microwave time, nuked it for thirty seconds less. Worked fine.

But how did it look, smell, and taste? Was it satisfying?

I won’t keep you waiting.

Here’s what it actually looked like cooked, you can compare it to the ideal image above (forgive my humble plating skills).

how it actually looks

I should have taken the time to have arranged it exactly like Freshly’s stock photo.

It’s not as bright as the idealized image above, but then again the lighting wasn’t great and I used a cheap Samsung phone camera. But I think it looked pretty good, tasty. The meatball looking things are the Cod Cakes.

It smelled wonderful.

And the taste? Excellent. The potatoes tasted as they should have, their texture was perfect. Not rubbery or starchy, just good. The succotash was tasty, spicy, and very filling. The hero of the dish, the protein, was very nice. Flavorful, although I’ve never had Cod prepared quite like this.

The meal was a real hit, and it did exactly as intended for the two nights of the week where everything is too chaotic for a sit down, let alone cooking. It was filling, convenient, nutritious, and healthy.

No McDonalds required for- get this- less money. So far, highly recommend.


6 thoughts on “ meal service- a review

  1. So, are these meals pre-prepared? I know some of the other meal deliveries have you actually cook the meals, they just just send the ingriendients and directions.


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