Don’t tell me they forgot the flag

Supposedly this is an image by the AP of Bagram AB today. If so, looks like they forgot the flag. See AP article snippet below, the BBC is reporting the same thing.

How shambolic can this possibly be? They didn’t even arrange for a cheesy change-of-command ceremony? What, did they just herd everyone aboard a C-17 and roll out?

Jeez. I hope they at least had a plan for making sure they didn’t leave anybody behind. Just imagine that you’re “Third Row Joe” and you wake up on your cot and things are a bit quiet. You get up, walk out to the road running parallel to the flight line and there’s nothing. No golf carts or side by sides, no troops walking along. No one waiting for the DFAC to open, no Blackhawks on final.

Just a few looters with AKs. Or could they be Taliban?

This would be a bad moment in Joe’s life. So let’s hope it didn’t happen. But what has assuredly happened has been the abandonment of those who fought by our side. Disgusting.

Who planned this goat rope? This disgrace?

Most people would shrug and say something like “It’s good the troops are leaving.” But there’s “leaving,” and then there’s “LEAVING.”

This feels like stiffing a waitress for a party of twenty when her boss is a serial killer, and you know it.

When I think of the years. The lives. The straight-up bad stuff.

For nothing.

4 thoughts on “Don’t tell me they forgot the flag

  1. I originally thought Trump’s announcement of the withdrawal was going to be revised by Biden. I really hope that all Coalition countries do their best to provide sanctuary for the Afghanis who helped them.


    • I served as an advisor in an Afghan rifle company. What is happening is a scandal, and both administrations own this. Darn right I hope the good guys get out, because the Taliban will show zero mercy.


  2. The Australian Government left the local interpreters that had assisted the troops in Afghanistan on their own. Knowing they were already being threatened by the Taliban. It appears we have very short term friends. Disgrace.


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