The above vehicle, the new for 2022 Ford Maverick, is a truck I can get excited about. You can “build” your own here; if you like what you see you can order one on the website.

What’s the big deal, you say. It’s a stupid truck, nothing new.


What you are seeing with this little hauler is a return to the concept of an inexpensive, practical work vehicle at a budget price, starting MSRP is 19,995 (even though you’ll never pay that. There are fees and taxes that will push the real floor price to about 23,000, plus there are a few options you will certainly want.)

Another very important feature about this vehicle; this is the first budget truck that I can think of that comes standard with a hybrid gas/electric drivetrain. So that base MSRP is for a hybrid work truck!

Friends, that is a big deal. It is a signal from one of the world’s biggest auto makers that the era of mass electric transportation has finally dawned.

And did I mention that the Maverick is priced nearly fifteen grand under the base of say, Chevrolet’s Colorado?

Ford hasn’t just undercut the market, they placed a breaching charge on it and lit the fuse.

20k USD for a new truck. Hybrid drivetrain as a standard feature. What else could there be?

Turns out, there’s plenty. This vehicle is made with the DIY crowd in mind, the little truck is like a Gerber tool. Ford says that the bed is perfectly capable of hauling 1500lbs/750kg. This is not a trifling amount of weight. The stubby little bed can be easily configured to haul sheets of plywood, drywall or two by fours.

Also, this little guy is a camper’s delight, as the standard king cab can easily haul four adults and their gear, and the truck can be equipped with an AWD option and a Ford “FX4” option in the higher trim packages.

IMO, I think AWD beats 4WD hands down. Why? AWD is always there when you need it, and 4WD requires some trick reflexes at times, especially on roads that are dry with the occasional treacherous icy patch or snow drift.

Complaint: Ford does not make AWD with the hybrid engine. You have to get a pure gas-burner if you want AWD. True, it’s an efficient turbo four, probably combined 29-30ish, but the hybrid gets sick mileage. It would have been awesome if Ford had planned the hybrid and the AWD package together.

Oh, and did I mention that this little guy can tow 4k lbs/ 2,000kg? Of course, you have to buy the package for this capability, but it’s there.

There is so much to like about this truck. Large electronic console, user-friendly controls. Simple where it needs to be, no-nonsense as well. Back-up cam.

If this truck pans out, and early reports from reputable sources says it may, then this little truck is a game-changer.

I’ve never been a Ford acolyte, but it’s hard to ignore this offering.

Impossible, actually.

2 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Gah I JUST bought the 2021 Honda Ridgeline cause I wanted a small pickup that was actually comfortable to drive. This would have been perfect. My next car, in 5 to 10 years, is going to be at least a hybrid, and hopefully fully electric.


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