Forcing my hand

Hey, everyone.

Not a particularly long post today, I just wanted to say that there are now two complete RD manuscripts out over on my Patreon site.

I chose to add the final chapters to my WW1 alt history over there early to 1. get the end out to my fans and readers and 2. to force me to schedule the next chapters in the WW1 trilogy. Also, this sharpens the mind so that I can continue to write on the other trilogy I have cooking, a space opera set in the fairly near future where humanity begins, in a novel form, to spread throughout interstellar space.

Accelerating the release of my latest forces my hand, in short. It makes me put in the work of scheduling the next book in the WW1 trilogy (the complete trilogy is written, in RD form) and writing on the space opera bits.

I need this. The news is nothing but doom and gloom, and I do not care to see it.

Instead, I choose to be productive, and the Patreon page is a godsend to that end. I have an obligation to those who pay me to write, and I take that commitment seriously.

So, by all means head over there and check it out. There’s bonus content, rants, and two complete novels plus the beginning of a third, soon to be followed by a fourth. No shortage of things to read, really.

Hope to actually publish this year.


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