The Dam Breaks

Alright, guys, early this morning I finally say down and wrote.

It’s been a while. Too long. I have sat on the midpoint of my new novel for far too long, held off by terrible news from overseas and pure intimidation.

Intimidation, you ask? Intimidated by what? It’s just a story.

Yeah, just a story. In the bridge novel of my new space opera trilogy I have to create a new world in my head and make it believable for me. If it’s believable for me, then it should be a device to keep my readers doing their job, which is to read my books. There are published books, then there are the rough draft manuscripts behind my paywall. It’s all out there, and it’s my job to hook my readers in. To entertain them. To get them to enjoy my various universes.

So, it’s a big ask, this second book in my space opera. I have been stopped cold by intimidation.

No more. This morning I sat behind my trusty MacBook and typed like a demon. Before I knew it, I pounded out 2200 words, my coffee had grown cold. Yeah, it was a waste of good premium coffee, but it was not a waste of time.

This. This is what success feels like, the creative dam breaking. Right now I feel like I could pound out another chapter, no problem. Finally, I can write again.

The stupid dam has broken, I am free once more.

So, its time to bust open the creative faucet and pound out book two of the Storyteller trilogy.

Link up with me behind the three-dollar barrier! We’ll have fun.


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