Comfortable work environment

Friends, it is difficult to stress enough how important a comfortable work environment is.

The above chair simply doesn’t fit that description. After last night, I’m putting that POS on the curb.

So, there I was…

You know, the line that clues you in that you are about to hear bullshit. Except this is not bullshit. It is a tale of woe and pain.

So, there I was, trying to make things happen in my latest novel. I chose the room in my house where I can close the doors and get some stuff done without a million and six distractions. It’s pretty good. Well lit, a good desk, pleasing mellow colors, etc. There is one problem, however, and last night was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The desk chair is atrocious. I’m pretty sure it’s a thirty dollar special purchased from a large retailer. It looks OK. Trust me, it is not. My back still aches this morning, in fact.

As I typed away last night, an awful pain started to build between my shoulder blades and it began to move downwards, eventually claiming my entire spine. My hands began to tingle, and I had to force the words onto the page. My goal was eight hundred, and the conclusion of the chapter I was working on.

I felt like a marathon runner when I slammed the last words onto the page. My back was screaming at me; it was all I could do to finish up my admin work and wrap up my writing.

A few minutes later I lay in bed, it took a good hour to stretch out and find some level of comfort.

This morning, I sat in our comfy IKEA chairs in the living room and typed out this web post without a problem. The thought dawned on me; perhaps the issue was that cheap chair. Yes, to a certain extent my back always hurts, and my left hand suffers some degree of numbness. This is nothing new; it’s the result of combat operations a long time ago.

However, the cheap chair in the study takes the pain to a whole new level.

Friends, that chair is going on the trash pile.

It shouldn’t feel like you just shoveled up a whole heap of manure while writing. As of this moment, I’m switching work locations and that chair simply must GO.

Comfortable work environment= a must.

2 thoughts on “Comfortable work environment

  1. Completely agree. I work from home three days a week and I invested in a pretty good chair, desk and big screen. Still not up to the set up I have in the office but my back and hip pain have gone.


    • Yeah, I really need to get a new desktop and a decent chair for the study. I was wondering what was causing my horrible back pains this past week, now I know. A completely unsuitable chair. Never again!


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