The Mountain Fiddle

Well friends, I am pleased to report that the surgery upon the old mountain fiddle I bought for forty dollars has been successful.
“Good Old Mountain Dew,” as played by my instructor, Ryan.

Now, I can play this version of the tune as well, but Ryan is the better man on the fiddle. So, I gladly recorded him as he played the old girl. Personally, I thought the mystery Civil War era fiddle turned out great. It’s sound reminds me of one’s grandma singing an old sweet tune out on the porch, with a voice that was once beautiful.

For the full background, see the post about a month back called “The Coffin Case.”

I must say I have eagerly awaited this moment, and I did have some level of fear the old violin would simply fly apart when tuned.

Nope. It acted as it should have, albeit with a few grumpy creaks as the strings went tight.

He’s keeping it for another week for fine tuning, but at this point I am well satisfied.

This relic of our agrarian past will play again.

A lot.

3 thoughts on “The Mountain Fiddle

    • It’s what I thought of when I first heard it, neither Ryan nor I have ever heard a violin with this unusual sound. The song matches the fiddle well. So would “Ashokan Farewell.”


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