The Two Mavericks

On a bright and sunny day, an old friend decided to take a road trip with his family and drop in on us here in hilly Appalachia.

He was the satisfied new owner of a Ford Maverick, and the long drive was a test run to check the suitability of his new 2022 Ford Maverick for road trips with his fam. This article is therefore a sort of follow-up on my earlier Maverick review, which you can find by clicking on the link or scrolling down through my older posts.

First, a compare and contrast. Both of our trucks are base model XL’s, which are easily distinguished by the painted steel rims. They are obviously different colors, selected from Ford’s basic palette. The bodies are identical, because all Maverick bodies are the same, regardless of trim level selected.

However, there are important differences between the two. Mine is a gasoline EcoBoost because I wanted AWD. Unfortunately, Ford does not offer AWD in a hybrid. His is a true hybrid with FWD. So, even though the trucks look the same their drivetrains are entirely different. Also, we selected different build options.

Both of us got a tow hitch. At one hundred dollars, you would be crazy not to select the hitch. Then we diverged, as we have different needs for a truck. He selected a snazzy tonneau cover, which in retrospect I wish I would have done; very handy when the snow falls. Me? I went for the HD stuff, the 4k tow package, bed liner, 110v inverter, etc.

They are the same truck, but then again, they are not.

I’ve written at length about my own truck, so I won’t rehash old stuff. I want to talk about his, which really is a different experience.

Second, let’s talk efficiency. My truck is great, at 31.5 mpg averaged across almost nine thousand miles. If you have any experience with small trucks, you know that this is phenomenal. My truck easily beats the rated EPA mileage, and I am very satisfied.

However, my friend’s truck blows my 31.5 mpg average out of the water. On the entire return trip from his home (he lives on the other side of Ohio) he averaged 43(!) mpg in honest mileage with two passengers and their stuff, his average speed was between 70-75 mph.

Holy cow. The hybrid is supposed to get LESS mileage on the highway, because of how it works (mostly electric propulsion in town, gas engine on freeway). So, in a low efficiency setting his truck blew my mileage away by a full twelve mpg. This is astounding.

He has reported trip mileage in the fifties in city driving, and I believe it.

The hybrid Maverick is a clear winner in terms of gasoline usage.

Third, let’s talk capability and utility. We have both used our Mavericks for a whole range of activities. His are more urban, while my usages are generally rural. I’ve talked at length about what my truck has done in my other article, I’d like to talk a little about his.

First, let me point out once more that his truck and mine have different drive trains and tow ratings. His is a 2.5L hybrid with a CVT transmission rated at 2k tow. Mine is a 2.1L turbo with and 8spd tranny and 4k tow. Both have identical cargo capacities at about 1500 lbs.

However, we have both done the thing with these vehicles, and they are more than capable.

I’ll cite kayaks as an example. We have both hauled kayaks in the back of our trucks, but my friend decided his stuck out too far in the bed (his are longer than mine), so he bought a nice little trailer from Harbor Freight.


A very nice set-up, wouldn’t you agree? This falls well within his tow rating, and it emphasizes the point that you really want to get a hitch for this vehicle, even if you think you’ll never use it. Because you will. A 2k tow rating doesn’t seem like much, but you’d be surprised with what this little beast can haul. Log splitters, lawn mowers, a four-wheeler, a big couch, you name it.

Finally, I’d like to speak to overall comfort and value. In this regard, both trucks are identical. Yes, at need you can fit five adults in these vehicles. I have personally rode in the middle seat in the back with my adult kids, and it was tolerable. With three adult passengers? No problems at all, with plenty of space for peoples…stuff.

It seems that my friend and I are still discovering capabilities with these trucks, even after months of ownership. They are engineered that well. Seriously. So many thoughtful nooks and crannies, even the oddly shaped cubby by the multimedia screen has a legit use- I’ve filled it with travel sized Kleenex. It is perfectly shaped for them.

We both love the Apple CarPlay interface, it is seamless and extremely useful.

For an economy truck, Ford has blown up the field. Absolutely destroyed it. No other manufacturer has anything that compares! Not even close.

The 2022 Ford Maverick. After six months and 9000 miles, still thrilled.

The order books for the 2023 models opens August 15th. I’d suggest you go to your local Ford dealer and order one then, because that is your only chance to get one of these fuel-efficient and eminently practical vehicles at MSRP.

You will wait. I waited nearly seven months, and my friend waited ten.

We will both tell you that it’s worth it, and there is close to zero chance that you will find one on the lot.

The Ford Maverick. An awesome little truck! Between my friend and I we have owned a dozen at least, probably more, and we agree hands down the little Mav smokes all of them. In fact, he will tell you that the Mav is the best VEHICLE he has ever owned!

August fifteenth, 2022. Keep that date in mind. Something tells me the 23s will sell out fast- the word of mouth has been strong. Have you seen a single Maverick ad or commercial? I know I haven’t. There has been no need.

I recommend that you act and place an order. Five flippin’ stars.

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