The Storyteller’s Heaven

Hey, everybody.

Today is kind of a big day. It is the launch of my first published work since 2017, The Storyteller’s Heaven. It’s about a future where we start exploring interstellar space, where we push the boundaries between life, love, and death.

I am pleased to say that the book is available on Amazon right now.

I am even more pleased to say that I have set up a promotion for the launch; the book is set to zero dollars for this weekend only. This means that all of you can cruise over and pick up a copy for absolutely nothing.

This has been timed to coincide with a convention I’m attending this weekend, my first since the rotten plague descended upon us.

Guys, this was a real hump to climb this past year. No, years. I lost my publisher, wrote a ton with no idea how to set it free, endured the plague, witnessed the undoing of my work in Afghanistan, and descended into madness in Ukraine.

Somehow I managed, with a big assist from John Birmingham, to produce this book.

Now it’s out there, waiting for a good home. The five-year drought has ended. I have the tools in the box to produce more novels; at least five unpublished bits are waiting for release. Of course, my Patreon crowd has the first crack, but I haven’t forgotten my crew of lurkers over here, either.

So here you go. The Storyteller’s Heaven; available right now. It is set to free until Sunday, the last day of the ‘con.

As always, I welcome your feedback here and at other sites. If you like the book, it would also be cool to leave a review on Amazon.

Thanks for tuning in. This should be a pretty productive year!

6 thoughts on “The Storyteller’s Heaven

  1. Picked up the book on Amazon U.K. last night at 7pm, finished it at 2:30pm today.

    Absolutely loved it, and left a 5 star review on Amazon.


  2. Left a review on Amazon but I was only able to do so in Aust. For those who aren’t aware reviews carry a lot of weight on Amazon. Recommend dropping a review if you can.


  3. Hey Jason, thanks for the freebie (picked it up through JBs blog). that was a fantastic story, such a fresh take on exploring what it means to be alive/dead/human/AI, I really enjoyed those concepts. Cant wait to see where you take this story.
    review also dropped on Amazon…more expansive than I typically drop on JBs books. šŸ˜‰


    • Justin, thanks for dropping by and checking out my books! Also, gracias for the review. I am 2/3 of the way through the MS for STORY2; hope to have it completed by end of month. I’ve been releasing the draft in serial form over on, along with my alt-history series, “Ohio Rifles.” The first installment of the Ohio Rifles trilogy, “The King’s Ohio Rifles,” drops around November 15th.


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