A decent deal

A detail from the header on my Patreon page over at patreon.com/jasonlambright. The artwork is by my daughter, a graphic arts major at the university.

Alright, I thought to re-visit a theme. I choose to do so because of some correspondence I’ve had of late with a few peeps; I have the idea that I haven’t made it exactly clear what’s hanging out over behind my paywall site.

In short, a ton of my content is posted over there.

For those who would like a free sample, I have included this link to the “FREE STUFF” tab, which I believe is insufficiently visible at the top of my page. It’s there, but I’m not happy with the Patreon format for accessing it.

Here’s what’s available to whoever would like to hang out and be one of my super-betas.

For three bucks a month, you get the free ARC of “The Storyteller’s Heaven,” which I made available to my guys shortly before the official launch. In addition, two complete rough draft manuscripts are posted, STORY1 and RIFLES1, which is the as-yet unpublished alternate history due out in November. The official title is “The King’s Ohio Rifles,” and I’ll let you guess its premise.

There’s more, of course. I am busy with the weekly serial release of chapters of the bridge novel in the Promised Land trilogy, “The Storyteller’s World.” About half of it has been posted to date. Also, about half of book two of the Ohio Rifles trilogy has been posted, “The Hidden Sun.” So, that’s two rough draft novels in progress to read as well.

If that’s not enough, the three-dollar tier also has access to my RANTS, stuff involving the writing process, and my life that I only post behind the paywall. I like the crowd on interstellar, don’t get me wrong, but I put out the nitty-gritty in a non-public forum to my dedicated peeps.

Finally, at the three-dollar level, you can chime in on all of the posts- your words impact the developing works. I said super-beta reader, and I meant it. My books are a team effort, and I’d like to have you aboard.

I must mention the five-dollar level, which has all the benefits of the three-dollar level, plus you get analysis pieces covering most chapters. This is where I explain my method as I write. I let you see the machinery behind the books; I explain my thought processes. For new or fellow authors, hang out here. Interact, and bounce ideas around. It’s great fun.

Finally, a few ten-dollar slots are still available to those who want skin in the game. You become part of my books at this level. What am I talking about? Well, you can choose naming rights on a character. I’ll put you into a book series of your choice. You can also knock up some fan-fic, and I’ll slide it into an ongoing project.

I believe in teamwork and getting my fans into the game. You may want to consider my site for those who want to take things to the next level. Also, all tiers get to communicate with me through IM; I check and answer these at least daily.

There are no caveats. No gimmicks. No infomercials. No timeshares in Florida. Just raw access to my work and a seat at the table.

It would be super cool to have you aboard!


2 thoughts on “A decent deal

  1. Dunno whether Oz Amazon reviews do a lot for you but mine is submitted for release on the Oz beast.
    A bit divided about whether to read more of the Rifles installments or leave it for surprise reading in its published form.
    Thing is I get hooked, then the temptation to see who survives drags me in.


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